Sensor Systems

Are you looking for a bespoke and cost-effective measurement solution? We have a range of cutting-edge sensor systems available.

Our custom-designed, deployable prototype sensor systems are specifically optimised for our customers’ applications across a broad range of sectors — from healthcare, commercial agriculture, UAVs (unmanned air vehicles) and avionics to elite sport such as Formula 1.

Browse our range below.

  • High-precision, high-power, self-contained sensor package for Pitot-static probes. This high-precision, low-cost package includes all of the sensing elements required for high-quality measurements with a standard Pitot-static probe. Powered and driven entirely by USB and featuring a simple, intuitive user interface, this low-cost sensor driver is perfect for general use.
  • A low-cost alternative for low-pressure applications. This simple pressure connection system allows you to disconnect and reconnect up to 66 independent pressure lines simultaneously, easily and quickly, allowing pressure scanners to be used with multiple different sets of pressure sources. This pressure connector system offers an economical and convenient alternative to other available bulkhead pressure connectors. This pressure connector is made of nylon and acrylic and ships as a male/female pair.
  • Ultra-low velocity, surface-mountable sensor array. Ultra-miniaturized multichannel variant of the Surrey Sensors “micro-CTA” can simultaneously drive up to eight of the surface-mountable CMOS sensing elements. With a footprint of 75 mm x 45 mm driving eight ultra-miniature sensors, the system is easily integrated into models and, with our real-time visualization software, offers previously-unavailable integrated surface measurement capability.
  • High-precision, integrated digital seven-hole probe system for directional velocity measurement. Ideal for use in wind-tunnel and motorsport applications, this probe offers industry-leading functionality at a fraction of the cost. This system provides three components of velocity, together with absolute static pressure, local fluid temperature and humidity (for density corrections) and an IMU for automatic alignment and vibration warning.
  • Low-cost, multi-channel pressure measurement This low-cost, high-functionality pressure indexing system is an ideal solution for any multichannel pressure measurement requirements. Whether for surface, multi-hole velocity probes or process control applications, this system provides a high-sensitivity, highly adaptable solution for all your pressure measurement needs.


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