Digital Seven-Hole Probe System


High-precision, integrated digital seven-hole probe system for directional velocity measurement.

Ideal for use in wind-tunnel and motorsport applications, this probe offers industry-leading functionality at a fraction of the cost.

This system provides three components of velocity, together with absolute static pressure, local fluid temperature and humidity (for density corrections) and an IMU for automatic alignment and vibration warning.

  • Full product details are available here.

    Enclosed unit with 3.7 mm outer diameter steel sting

    Enclosed unit for aircraft and UAV application, with 12 mm outer diameter low-mass carbon fibre and aluminium sting, optionally fitted with 2 W de-icing heater and additional precision inline vacuum-reference absolute pressure sensor for static reference. Standard sting length is 300 mm. Please contact us for custom requirements.

    7-hole pressure probe driver system (without sting or enclosure)

    3.7 mm outer diameter steel sting


    Probes do not usually require individual calibration; the nominal (product average) calibration curve is supplied. Unit-to-unit variability results in uncertainty of about 1° at low incidence if correctly aligned. Individual calibration is available where alignment or uncertainty is critical. 

    For alternative number of data points, please contact us.



The options available here are only a selection of our available customisations. For further custom requirements or more information, please contact us.

    1. The dispatch lead time for not-in-stock products is 8-12 weeks.
    2. The dispatch lead time for in-stock products where options are specified is 2-3 weeks.
    3. The dispatch lead time for in-stock products without options is 2-3 days.
    4. A more precise dispatch lead time will be communicated to the customer after the order has been assessed by our order processing team.


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