Miniature Digital Thermal Anemometer


Ultra-low velocity, surface-mountable sensor array.

Ultra-miniaturized multichannel variant of the Surrey Sensors “micro-CTA” can simultaneously drive up to eight of the surface-mountable CMOS sensing elements.

With a footprint of 75 mm x 45 mm driving eight ultra-miniature sensors, the system is easily integrated into models and, with our real-time visualization software, offers previously-unavailable integrated surface measurement capability.

    Please contact us if you require custom enclosure design for the sensor unit(s).

    The measurement medium determines the type of sensors we supply and may affect internal settings.

    For gas/liquid options not listed here, please contact us to confirm feasibility.

    Standard sensors are surface mounted on polyamide flex. For alternatives, please contact us.

    The warranty does not cover any damage caused by third-party connectors



If you require more information or a custom modification to this product, please get in touch via the form below:

    1. The dispatch lead time for not-in-stock products is 8-12 weeks.
    2. The dispatch lead time for in-stock products where options are specified is 2-3 weeks.
    3. The dispatch lead time for in-stock products without options is 2-3 days.
    4. A more precise dispatch lead time will be communicated to the customer after the order has been assessed by our order processing team.


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